AVS2010 WeM Sessions , Wednesday, October 20, 2010 8:00 AM

Wednesday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS-WeM AS New Ion Beam Technologies for Imaging, Sample Preparation and Analysis
BI1-WeM BI Biomolecules at Interfaces
BI2-WeM BI Proteins & Peptides on Surfaces
EN+NS-WeM EN Organic Photovoltaics
EN+TF-WeM EN CIGS, CZTS and Chalcopyrite Films & Solar Cells
EW-WeM EW Exhibitors & Manufacturers Technology Spotlight
GR+EM+MS+TF+MI-WeM GR Graphene and Carbon-based Devices
IS+AS+NS+MI-WeM IS In Situ Microscopy/Spectroscopy – In Situ Nanoscale Processes
NS+AS+MN-WeM NS Characterization and Imaging at Nanoscale
PS+MN-WeM PS Plasma Processing for 3D Integration, TSV, and MEMS
PS-WeM PS Plasma Surface Interactions (Fundamentals & Applications) I
SS1-WeM SS Oxide Surface Structure
SS2-WeM SS Electron, Photon and Ion Beam Induced Surface Modification
TF+EM-WeM TF High K Dielectrics for Si Electronics
TF+SE-WeM TF Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) I
TF-WeM TF ALD: Nanostructure, Magnetics and Biological Applications
TR+MN+NS+SS-WeM TR Influence of Atmosphere, Temperature, and Materials on Friction
VT-WeM VT Accelerators, Large Vacuum Systems, and Vacuum Surfaces
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview