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Session Tuesday, April 26, 2016
8:00 AM 9:00 AM 10:00 AM
Silver Coated Fabrics to Prevent Thermal Detection
Behavior of Chromium Barrier Interconnector Coatings for Steam Electrolysis under Pressure Exposed to Water Vapor and Pure Oxygen
Influence of Embedded MoSi2 Particles on Microstructure and Heat transfer in Dense Yttria-stabilised Zirconia
Silica Depletion of Yttrium Silicates in High-Temperature High-Velocity Water Vapor
Synthesis and Related Properties of Low K TBCs with Hollow Alumina Particles
Progress In Making Higher Temperature Thermal Barrier Coatings Using The Solution Plasma Spray Process
Microstructure Design for Blended Feedstock and its Thermal Durability in Lanthanum Zirconate Based Thermal Barrier Coatings
Effects of Powder Mixture Condition on the Microstructure and Phase Forming Behavior of Zirconate
Design and Synthesis of Catalytically Active Nanocomposite Coatings: Towards a New Paradigm Shift in Tribological Applications
Design and Preparation of Superhard Multilayered Carbon Based Coatings with Outstanding Mechanical Properties
c- BN-Based BN Thin Films Synthesis And Investigating The Structural-Mechanical-Tribological Properties
Electrical Properties of Carbon Film with Top Surface Graphene Nanocrystallite Induced by Low Energy Electron Irradiation
Friction and Wear Characteritics of Me-DLC Coatings Under Different Tribo-Test Conditions
Molecular Simulations of TiN/TiN(001) Growth
High-Temperature Evolution of the 3D-Microstructure of Ti(1-x)AlxN
Nitrogen Vacancies – a Key Factor in Synthesis of c-Mo–Al–N Hard Coatings
Vacancies as the Key to Excellent Properties Within Mo–Cr–N
Resistive Switching Mechanism of Self-protective Compliance Current Characteristic on ITO/CuTe/TiN Conductive-Bridging RAM
Temperature and Humidity Dependent Mechanical Behavior of Ultra-low k Dielectric Materials
Effect Of Oxygen Partial Pressure on Deep-Level Defect Distribution in Sputtered ZnO Thin-Film Transistors
Characteristics of Hafnium Oxide Resistance Random Access Memory with Different Resetting Cut Voltage
Conduction Mechanism in Resistance Random Access Memory with Transparent Electrode under illumination
Mechanism of Low Operation Voltage with ITO RRAM
Adhesion Inhibitory Effects of Thin Film Metallic Glass on Various Cancer and Platelet Cells
Effects of Oxygen Concentration on the Anti-bacteria Property of AgxO and TaON-Ag
Silver Nano Particle Containing Diamond Like Carbon: An Antimicrobial and Wear Resistant Surface Modification
Influences of Niobium Contents on the Mechanical Property, Corrosion Resistance and Biocompatibility of Ternary Fe-Zr-Nb Thin Film Metallic Glasses
Inkjet Printed Thin Film Technology for Wireless Biosensors
Production of AlN Thin Film Coatings for Biosensors
Role of Third Bodies in Friction and Wear Behavior of Cold Sprayed Ti-TiC Composite Coatings
New Ag-based Contacts for the Smart Grid: a Combinatorial Materials Science Approach
Tribological Behaviour of Plasma Sprayed Zinc-based Alloy Coating onto Mild Steel
Mechanical Behavior and Sliding Wear Studies on HVOF Deposited Iron Aluminide Coatings Reinforced with Titanium Carbide
Tribological Studies to Analyze the Effect of Solid Lubricant Particle Size on Friction and Wear Behaviour of Hard Material
Tribological Response of Novel Laser-clad TiNiZrO2 Coatings Sliding Against WC Counterface under Dry and Wet Conditions
Effect of Dopant SB on the Optoelectronic Properties of Thermally Evaporated ZnO Nanowires
Carbon-based Nanomaterials for Efficient Hydrogen Adsorption and Storage
Crystal Calligraphy: Direct Writing of Flexible 2D Electronic Devices with Light
Amorphous Boron Nitride: A Universal, Ultra-thin Dielectric in Next Generation Nanoelectronic and Two-dimensional Material Systems
Microplasma Synthesis of Structured Nanomaterials
Corrosion Study of Electrophoretically Deposited Graphene Oxide Coatings on Copper Metal
Enhancement of Sensitivity in Gas Chemiresistors based on Carbon Nanotube Surface Functionalized with Substituted Phthalocyanines
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