ICMCTF2012 Thursday Afternoon

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Session Thursday, April 26, 2012
1:30 PM 2:30 PM 3:30 PM
A Study on the high temperature charge-discharge characteristics of Si-xAl thin film anode for Li-ion batteries
Pseudo-capacitive performance of the Manganese oxide/Carbon Nanocapsules (CNC) electrode by Sol-gel technique
Electrified Vehicles for Personal Transportation and the Critical Role of Surface Coatings for Lithium Ion Batteries
Progress towards, thin, cost-effective coatings for PEMFC metallic Bipolar Plates by closed field unbalanced magnetron sputter ion plating.
Silica–Based Hydrophilic Bipolar Plate Coatings for PEM Fuel Cells
Surface morphology and catalyst activity of Sn-Pt nanoparticles coated on anodizing aluminum oxide
CVD – Opportunities and Challenges
SiC coatings grown by liquid injection chemical vapor deposition using single source metalorganic precursors.
Multilayer Diamond Coatings: Theory, Implementation in Production and Results in different Applications
Adhesion of the DLC film on iron based materials as a function of gradient interlayer properties
Effect of the carrier gas flow rate on boron-doped diamond synthesis using mode-conversion type microwave plasma CVD
Low temperature chemical vapor deposition of boron-carbon films for use in neutron detectors
Effects of ammonia/acetylene mixtures on the properties of carbon films prepared by thermal chemical vapor deposition
Hollow-Cathode Deposition of Thin Films Via Metal Hydride Formation and Decomposition
A Knowledge-Based Approach for Optimized Coating Architecture
Gradient chemical composition in layered pulsed reactive sputtered coatings for decorative purposes
Investigation of the nucleation behavior of oxides synthesized by reactive arc evaporation from Al, Cr and Al-Cr targets
Phase stability of TiAlNO
On the formation of cubic and corundum structured (Al,Cr)2O3 coatings synthesized by cathodic arc evaporation
Parametric Study on the Effect of Reactive Nitrogen on the Growth, Morphology and Optical Constants of ZrOxNy Thin Films
Stage-gate approach for the development of corrosion and erosion resistant PVD multilayer coatings
Biomimetics in thin film design – Enhanced properties by multilayer coatings and nanostructured surfaces
Recent Advances in the Thin Film Electro-Acoustic Technology
A systematic ab-initio study of the piezoelectricity in wurtzite nitride alloys: ScAlN, ScGaN, ScInN, YAlN, YInN
Control and Engineering of Spontaneous and Piezoelectric Polarisation in Nitride-based Nanostructures
Growth and characterization of magnetron sputtered wurtzite YxAl1-xN thin films
Investigating Degradation Behavior of InGaZnO Thin-Film Transistors induced by Charge-Trapping Effect under DC and AC Gate-Bias Stress
Piezoelectric Response During Nanoindentation in Scandium Aluminum Nitride Alloy Thin Films
Investigating the degradation behavior under Hot Carrier Stress for InGaZnO TFT with symmetric and asymmetric structure
Micromechanical testing at up to 700 °C and in vacuum
Characterization of a self assembled monolayer using a MEMS tribogauge
In-situ SEM mechanical testing for adhesion energy mapping of multilayered Cu wiring structures in integrated circuits
Preparation and Characterization of Super- and Ultrahard Nanocomposites
An expression to determine the Vickers indentation fracture toughness of Fe2B layers obtained by the finite element method
Mechanical properties of FeB and Fe2B layers estimated by Berkovich nanoindentation on tool borided steels
Measurement of Fracture Toughness on TiN thin film
Bi-phase Ceramic Composite through Interpenetrating Network
Probing the origin and evolution of strength in small volumes with in situ TEM nanomechanical testing
The Multi Beam Sputtering: a new thin film deposition approach
Molecular dynamics simulation and experimental validation of nanoindentation measurements of silicon carbide coatings.
Anatase TiO2 Beads Having Ultra-fast Electron Diffusion Rates for use in Low Temperature Flexible Dye-sensitized Solar Cells
Characterization of High Temperature Instrumented Indentation System and Initial Results
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