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Session Friday, May 6, 2011
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Synchrotron Studies of Environmental Barrier Coatings
Low Thermal Conductivity Multi-Phase Thermal Barrier Coatings
Deposition of Thick and 50 % Porous YpSZ Layer by Spraying Nitrate Solution in a Low Pressure Plasma Reactor
Foreign Object Damage Phenomena of Various Thermal and Environmental Barrier Coatings
Effect of Composition on the Growth and Microstructure of Hafnia-Zirconia Based Thermal Barrier Coatings
Characterization of Microstructure, Thermal and Electric Properties of RE2Zr2O7 of the TBC Thermal Barrier Coatings Obtained by the APS Method
Strain Localisation in Thermal Barrier Coatings Mechanical Compressive Test
Analysis of Thermoelastic Characteristics for Vertical-Cracked Thermal Barrier Coatings Through Mathematical Approaches
Suppression of Intermixing in Strain-Relaxed Epitaxial Layers
Theoretical Investigation of Atomistic Surface Processes in Multinary Nitrides Materials
Fundamental Aspects of Mixed Oxide Thin Film Growth
Modelling Reactive Sputter Deposition of Titanium Nitride in a Triode Magnetron Sputtering System
Thermodynamics of Small Systems Applied to Fluid Mixtures of Condensing Films at Critical Consulate Points
Understanding the Catalytic Effect of H2S on CVD-Growth of α-Al2O3:Thermodynamic Gas Phase Simulations and ab Initio Theory
Study of Structural Properties of PVD Coatings on Inclined Substrates
Structural Analysis of Alumina Thin Films Deposited by Dual Magnetron Sputtering
Optimization of the Scratch Test for Specific Coating Designs
A Modified Scratch Test for the Mechanical Characterization of Scratch Resistance and Adhesion of Thin Hard Coatings on Soft Substrates
The Plastic Deformation of Metallic Thin Films on Substrate Seen Through In Situ TEM Experiments
Correlation between Adhesion Strength and Coating/Substrate Mechanical Properties using the Scratch Test Technique
Numerical and Experimental Analyses of Scratch Tests Conducted on Coated Systems with Residual Stress Gradients
Mechanical and Wear Characterization of Electroless Nickel-Boron Coatings
Micro-Scratch Testing for Interface Characterizations of Diamond-Coated Tools
Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of Hierarchically Structured Gold Nanoparticles
Influence of the Nitriding and TiAlN/TiN Coating Thickness on the Mechanical Properties and Adhesion of Duplex Treated AISI H13 Steel
Microstructure and Characterization of Ternary Sputtering Ni-Ru-P Coatings
Adhesive Interlayers' Effect on the Entire Structure Strength of Glass Molding Tools" Pt-Ir Coatings by Nanotests Determined
A Study on the Microstructures and Mechanical Properties of Ti-Al-Cr-Si-N Nanocomposite Thin Films Prepared by Pulsed DC Reactive Magnetron Sputtering System
The influence of High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) Pulse Parameters on Plasma, Target and Substrate Interactions for Chromium
A Comparison of PET Plasma Pre-Treatment Using Medium Frequency and Low Frequency-High Power Pulse Oxygen-Containing Discharges
Growth of HfO2-Based High-k Dielectric Films by High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering
Growth of V-Al-C Thin Films by HPPMS and DC Magnetron Sputtering Using a Multi-Component Target
Rotatable Magnetron Sputtering of Aluminium in Continuous and Pulse Modes Using Different Strength Magnetic Arrays
The Growth of Single Fe2B Phase on Low Carbon Steel via Phase Homogenization in Electrochemical Boriding (PHEB)
Duplex Treatment for Forming Tools
Development of rf/dc Plasma Systems for Nitriding of Aluminum Alloys
Adherent Nanocrystalline Diamond Thin Films Grown on Surface-Modified Ti and Ti Alloys at Moderate Temperatures
Microstructure and Properties Thermally Sprayed and Laser Remelted of the Fe-Cr-Mo-W-Mn-C-B Coating
Alumina Coatings Obtained by Thermal Spraying and Plasma-Anodizing - a Comparison
Repair of Thermal Damage in Gate Dielectric for Germanium-Based Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Device by Supercritical Fluid Technology
Improvements on the Cavitation Erosion Resistance of Austenitic Stainless Steels by Plasma Surface Alloying Processes with Carbon and Nitrogen Followed by PAPVD Cr-Al-N
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