AVS2013 WeA Sessions , Wednesday, October 30, 2013 2:00 PM

Wednesday Afternoon

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AP+AS+MI+NS+SS-WeA AP APT and FIM Analysis of Catalysts and Nanoscale Materials
AS-WeA AS Developments in Electron Spectroscopies for Non-Ideal Samples 2
BI+AI+AS+BA+IA+NL+NS+SP-WeA BI Characterization of Biointerfaces
EL+AS+EM+SS+TF-WeA EL Spectroscopic Ellipsometry: Perspectives and Novel Applications
EM+AS+NS+SS-WeA EM Semiconductor Heterostructures/Heusler Alloys
EM-WeA EM III-V Devices and Tunnel FETs
GR+AS+EM+NS+SS-WeA GR Dopants, Defects and Interfaces in 2D Materials
MG+EN+MS-WeA MG Education for Interactive R&D & Industrial Implementation
NS+BI+EM-WeA NS Nanopatterning and Nanolithography
PS-WeA PS PSTD at AVS60: Looking Back and Moving Forward
SE+PS-WeA SE Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas
SS+AS+NS+SP-WeA SS Single Molecules at Surfaces: Structure and Dynamics
SS+EM-WeA SS Semiconductor Surfaces and Interfaces
TC+EM+EN+TF-WeA TC Transparent Conductors and Photovoltaics
TF+AS+BI+EM+SE+SS-WeA TF Applications of Self-Assembled Monolayers and Nano-Structured Assemblies
TF+AS+NS+SE-WeA TF Beam and Glancing Angle Deposition (GLAD) Techniques
VT+AS+SS+TF-WeA VT Surface Science for Accelerator Applications
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