AVS2013 ThM Sessions , Thursday, October 31, 2013 8:00 AM

Thursday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AS+BI+EM+NL+NS+SS-ThM AS Nanoparticle Surface Chemistry
BI+NL+NS+SS-ThM BI Bio/Nano Interfaces
EL+AS+EN+PS+SS+TF-ThM EL Spectroscopic Ellipsometry for Photovoltaics and Instrument Development
EM+AS+EN+TF-ThM EM Hybrid and Organic Electronics
EM+AS+PS+TF-ThM EM Materials and Process for Advanced Interconnects I
GR+AS+NS+SS-ThM GR 2D Materials: Nanostructures
HI-ThM HI Basics of Helium Ion Microscopy
IS+AS+SS-ThM IS Ambient Pressure XPS from Sophistication to Reality
MG+MI+NS-ThM MG Theoretical and Computational Methods
PS+AS+NS+SS-ThM PS Plasma Synthesis of Nanostructures
PS-ThM PS Plasma Modeling
SE+PS-ThM SE Pulsed Plasmas in Surface Engineering (8:00-10:00 am)/Atmospheric Pressure Plasmas (10:40 am-12:00 pm)
SP+AS+BI+MI+NS+SS-ThM SP Advances in Scanning Probe Imaging
SS+EN-ThM SS Photocatalysis and Photochemistry at Surfaces
SS-ThM SS Chirality & Enantioselectivity on Surfaces
TF+AS+EM+NS+SS-ThM TF Thin Film: Growth and Characterization I
TF+PS-ThM TF Advanced CVD Methods
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