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Session Thursday, May 5, 2011
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Effect of Steam Exposure on the Creep Properties of Bare and Aluminized Fe- and Ni-Based Alloys
High Temperature Protection of Ferritic Steels by Nano-Structured Coatings: Supercritical Steam Turbines Applications
Isothermal and Thermal Cycling Oxidation Behavior of Hot-Dip Alumina Coating on Flake/Spheroidal Graphite Cast Iron
Coatings for Severe High Temperature Corrosion Conditions
Structure and Properties of Ti-Al-Y-N Coatings Deposited from Filtered Vacuum-Arc Plasma
Growth of Hard Amorphous Ti-Al-Si-N Thin Films
Solid Solutions and nanostructures in Al(Si)N Hard Coatings
Corrosion Resistance and Hardness of Nb-Si-N Coatings Deposited by Dual Magnetron Sputtering
Quaternary-Phase Coatings in the Cr-WC-N System
Self-Organized ZrN/Si3N4 Lamellar Growth During Reactive Dual Magnetron Sputtering of Zr1-xSixNy Thin Films at High Temperature
Modulation Structure and Mechanical Properties of W/ZrB2 Multilayers
Growth and Properties of Cr2GeC Epitaxial Nanolaminated Thin Films
In-Situ Characterisation of Microstructure Evolution in Ti1-xAlxN Coatings During Annealing
Laminated Structure in the Internal Oxidation of Ta-Ru Coatings
Nanostructured Superhard Films Ti-Hf-Si-N, their Properties and Structure
Theoretical Model Developed for the Pop-In Arising in the Thin Solids Films and Its Testification by Nanoindentations
Time Resolved Mechanical Surface Testing and Subsequent Physical Analysis
Mechanical Stress Effect on the Formation of Copper-Tin Intermetallic Thin Films
What Qualifies a Well Adherent Cr-Based Adhesion Layer for Diamond-Like Carbon Coating Systems?
Evidence of Vacuum Below Buckling Structures
Investigation of the Mechanical Properties of DLC-Coatings by Means of Nanoindentation and It's Modelling
Fracture Behavior of Hard Multilayered Thin Films on Soft Substrates
Correcting Time Dependent Displacement Effects in Nanoindentation Analysis
Measuring Substrate-Independent Young's Modulus of Thin Films
Interfacial Indentation Test of FeB/Fe2B Coatings
Indentation Size Effect on Fe2B/Substrate Interface
Ordered ZnO/AZO/PAM Nanowire Arrays Prepared by Seed Layer Assisted Electrochemical Deposition
Hierarchical and Core-Shell ZnO/TiO2 Photocatalytic Heterostructures
Low Temperature Growth Mechanisms of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanofibers ( CNFs ) and Carbon Nanotubes (CNTs) by RF-PECVD
Inkjet-Printed Carbon Nanotube Films
Super-Hydrophobic Surfaces via Synthesis of Vertically Aligned Carbon Nanotube Arrays on Aluminum-Iron Matrix
Fabrication of Nanoimprint Molds by Sub-Micron Sphere Lithography
Gas Sensors with Porous Three-Dimentional Framework Using TiO2/Polymer Double-Shell Hollow Microsphere
Abnormal Retention Characteristics of NiSi2/SiNX Compound Nanocrystal Memory at Elevated Temperature
A Novel Fabrication Technique for Free Standing Nickel Nanowires and their Possible Applications
Oxynitride Coatings - Opportunities and Challenges from an Industrial Perspective
Deposition and High Temperature Stability of Reactively Magnetron Sputtered Al-Cr-O and Al-Cr-O-N Thin Films
Synthesis of the Al-Cr-O-N Coatings by Reactive Cathodic Arc Evaporation
Effect of Heat Treatment on the Structural Properties of LARC-Deposited AlCr-Based Oxynitride Coatings
Dedicated Oxynitride Coating Systems for Heavy Machinable Materials
Fabrication and Optical Performance of Zirconium Oxynitride Coatings
Characterization of Nanostructured Hydrophobic Zirconium Oxynitride Coatings Deposited by RF Magnetron Sputtering
Electrical Measurement of Contamination Films in Plasma Reactors
Hierarchical Homo- and Hetero-Structures Produced using Unbalanced Magnetron Sputtering Techniques
Synthesis, Interface Engineering, and Applications of Cubic Boron Nitride Films
Solution-Based Diamond-Like Carbon Coatings
Microstructure and Corrosion Behavior of Magnetron Sputtering Ni-P-Based Alloy Thin Films
An Investigation into the Effect of Triode Plasma Oxidation (TPO) on the Properties of Ti-6Al-4V
Interfacial Reaction of Sn3.0Ag0.5Cu Solder with novel Ni-xZn Under Bump Metallization
A Novel Preparation of Sn,Sb-O2-x Coatings by Pulsed Fiber Laser Annealing
An analysis of the Temperature-Induced Supersaturation Effects on Structure and Properties of Sono-Electrodeposited Copper Thin Films
The Stratified - Equiaxed Microstructure Transition of 316L Coatings by Low Pressure Plasma Spraying
The Titanium Oxide Film for Vascular Stent Modification
Improvement of Resistance Switching Behavior by Localizing Filament with Si Injection WOX Switching Layer
Mechanism and Characteristic Studies of Resistive Switching Effects on a Thin FeOx-Transition Layer of the TiN/SiO2/FeOx/Fe Structure by Thermal Annealing Treatments
Integration of Nickel Silicides in VLSI Circuits: A Mateirals Science Perspective
Resistive SwitchingCharacteristics of Ytterbium Oxide Thin Film for Nonvolatile Memory Application
Study of Micro-Imprint by Electroless Nickel Plating Method
Effect of the Thermal Stability and Electrical Behavior of Nickel Silicide by using Nickel Nitride
Inkjet-Printed High-k Nanocomposite Dielectric Film for OTFT Applications
Resistive Switching Characteristics of Gallium Oxide for Nonvolatile Memory Application
Study of Sputter Deposited SiO2/Co/Pt/SiO2 Multilayers for Magnetic Storage
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