AVS2015 WeA Sessions , Wednesday, October 21, 2015 2:20 PM

Wednesday Afternoon

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Session Code Topic Session Name
2D+EM+IS+MC+NS+SP+SS-WeA 2D Dopants and Defects in 2D Materials
AC+AS+MI-WeA AC Chemistry and Physics of the Actinides and Rare Earths
AS+SS-WeA AS Characterization of Buried Interfaces
BI-WeA BI Biophysics, Membranes and Nanoscale Biological Interfaces
EM+AS+MS+SS-WeA EM Surface and Interface Challenges in Wide Bandgap Materials
EM-WeA EM Interconnects: Methods and Materials for Removing Connectivity Constraints
EW-WeA EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight Session
HI-WeA HI GFIS Based Nanostructuring
IS+SS+NS+BI+VT+MN+AS-WeA IS In situ Imaging of Liquids using Microfluidics
MN+AM-WeA MN Emerging Materials & Fabrication Technologies toward Scalable & Additive Nanomanufacturing II
NS+EN+MG+SS+TF-WeA NS Nanoscale Catalysis and Surface Chemistry
PS+AS+SS-WeA PS Plasma Surface Interactions
PS+TF-WeA PS Plasma Deposition and Plasma Assisted ALD
SP+2D+AS+NS+SS-WeA SP Probing Electronic and Transport Properties
SS+AS+EN-WeA SS Metals, Alloys & Oxides: Reactivity and Catalysis
SS+AS-WeA SS Surface Dynamics, Non-Adiabaticity, and Single Molecule Phenomena
TF+AS+BI-WeA TF Thin Films for Biological and Biomedical Applications
TF+AS+EM+EN+MN-WeA TF CV Infiltration Methods and Energetic and Thermal Properties of Thin Films
VT-WeA VT Vacuum Quality and Partial Pressure Analysis
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