AVS2013 TuM Sessions , Tuesday, October 29, 2013 8:00 AM

Tuesday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AC+AS+SS-TuM AC The Surface Science of Actinides and Rare Earths
AS-TuM AS Developments in Electron Spectroscopies for Non-Ideal Samples
BI+AS+BA+NL-TuM BI Biointerface, Energy and Environmental Applications of QCM
EM+PS-TuM EM High-k Oxides for MOSFETs and Memory Devices I
EN-TuM EN Energy Past, Present, and Future
EW-TuM EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight I
GR+AS+EM+MI+MN-TuM GR Optical, Magnetic, Mechanical and Thermal Properties of 2D Materials
MI+EM-TuM MI Spintronics and Magnetoelectrics
MN+NS-TuM MN Micro and Nano Systems based on Carbon and Piezoelectric Materials
MS+AS+BA+BI+PS+TF-TuM MS IPF 2013-Manufacturing Challenges for Emerging Technologies: IV. Manufacturing Challenges: The Life Sciences
NS+EM+EN-TuM NS Nanoscale Transport and Devices
PS1-TuM PS Plasma Sources
PS2-TuM PS Advanced FEOL/Gate Etching
SS+AS-TuM SS Synthesis, Structure and Characterization of Oxides
TF-TuM TF ALD for Emerging Applications
TR+SE-TuM TR Low Friction Materials
VT-TuM VT History of Vacuum Technology
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