AVS2013 TuA Sessions , Tuesday, October 29, 2013 2:00 PM

Tuesday Afternoon

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Session Code Topic Session Name
AC+AS+EN-TuA AC Actinides and Rare Earths: The Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Critical Materials
AP+AS+SS-TuA AP Microstructural and Interface Analysis of Metals Subjected to Various Conditions
AS+BI-TuA AS Forensic Science, Art and Archaeology (2:00-3:20 pm)/Quasicrystals and Complex Metal Alloys (4:00-6:00 pm)
EM+MI+NS+SS+TF-TuA EM High-k Oxides for MOSFETs and Memory Devices II/Oxides and Dielectrics for Novel Devices and Ultra-dense Memory I
EM-TuA EM Evolution of Electronic Materials and the AVS
EN+AS+PS-TuA EN Water Splitting and Carbon Dioxide Conversion
EW-TuA EW Exhibitor Technology Spotlight III
GR+AS+NS+SP+SS-TuA GR Characterization including Microscopy and Spectroscopy of 2D Materials
IA+BA-TuA IA Ions and Biomolecules at Aqueous Interfaces
MI+AS+NS+SP-TuA MI Advanced Probes in Magnetic Imaging and Characterization
MS+AS+EL+EM+PS+TF-TuA MS Manufacturing Challenges of Nanoscale Patterning
NS+AS+EN+SS-TuA NS Nanoscale Catalysis and Surface Chemistry
PS1-TuA PS Plasma Diagnostics, Sensors and Control
PS2-TuA PS Deep Etch Processes for Vias, Trenches and MEMS
SA+AS+MG+SS-TuA SA HAXPES Studies on Interfaces and Buried Layers
SS-TuA SS Metals and Alloys: Structure, Reactivity & Catalysis
TF-TuA TF High Throughput ALD
VT+EN+TF-TuA VT Vacuum for Industrial Processing
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