AVS2013 FrM Sessions , Friday, November 1, 2013 8:20 AM

Friday Morning

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Session Code Topic Session Name
EM+NS+SS+TF-FrM EM Growth and Characterization of Group III-Nitride Materials
EM+NS+TF-FrM EM Nanoelectronic Interfaces, Materials, and Devices/Crystalline Oxides on Semiconductors
GR+EM+MS+NS+SP-FrM GR 2D Materials: Device Physics & Applications
IS+AS+SP-FrM IS Evolving In Situ Microscopic and Spectroscopic Techniques and Applications
MG+AS+EM+NS+SA+SE+SP+SS+TF-FrM MG Novel Synthesis Approaches and Innovative Characterization Techniques Coupled with Theory & Computations
NL+AS+BI+SA-FrM NL Emerging Methods to Identify and Measure Nanomaterials in Biological Environments
SE+EN-FrM SE Surface Engineering for Energy Conversion and Harvesting
SP+AS+EM+GR+MI+NS+SS-FrM SP Probing Electronic and Transport Properties
SS-FrM SS Oxides and Semiconductors: Structure and Reactivity
TF+EM+NS+SS-FrM TF Thin Film: Growth and Characterization III
Abstract Timeline | Time Periods | Topics | Schedule Overview