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Session Monday, October 18, 2010
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EUV and in situ Spectroscopic Ellipsometric Analysis of the Oxidation of Uranium Thin Films
Atomic Layer Deposition of Rare Earth Ion Co-doped Oxides for Optical Applications
Electronic Structure and Surface Reactivity of Actinide Systems
Observation of Strong Resonant Behavior in the Inverse Photoelectron Spectroscopy of Ce Oxide
Growth and Reactivity of CeO2(100) Thin Films
Photoemission Study of Au-Schottky Barrier Formation on YbGaN Thin Films using Synchrotron Radiation
Oxide Superconducting Semiconductors
X-ray Photoemission Spectroscopy of Sr2FeMoO6 Film Stoichiometry and Valence State
Electronic Structure of Ferrimagnetic Co1-xFe2+xO4 Determined by Soft X-ray and Ultraviolet Spectroscopies
Effects on the Electronic Band Structure of EuO Films upon Gd Doping
Catalytic Performance for Soot Combustion of Lanthanum-Based Cobalt-Iron Perovskite Materials
Beyond the Adiabatic Limit: Charge Separation in Organic Photovoltaic Materials
Third Generation Photovoltaics: Multiple Exciton Generation in Colloidal Quantum Dots, Quantum Dot Arrays, and Quantum Dot Solar Cells
Solar Cells Based on Semiconductor Quantum Dots and Nanowires
PbSe and PbS Nanocrystal Solar Cells
Solid-State Quantum Dot Sensitized Solar Cells: Atomic Layer Deposition versus Successive Ionic Layer Adsorption and Reaction
Synthesis and Application of Branched Titania Nanotubes in Dye-Sensitized Solar Cells
Chemical Interactions during Thermal Reduction of Multilayered Graphene Oxide
Non-bonding State formed Around Defects on HOPG
Opto-electronic Properties of Solution Processable Chemically Derived Graphene Oxide
Structural Evolution during the Reduction of Chemically Derived Graphene Oxide
Perfluorographane: Synthesis and Properties
Stability and Activity of Pt Nanoclusters Supported on Graphene Monolayers on Ru(0001)
Writing Graphene Electronics Into Chemically Modified Graphene
Oxygen Etching of Graphene on Ir and Ru
Zwitterionic Polymers for Non-Fouling Coatings
Resistance of Saccharide-Terminated Alkylthiol Self-Assembled Monolayers to Protein Adsorption and Marine Biofouling
Influence of the Characteristics of a Mineral Coating on its Ability to Resist to the Biofouling
Influence of Physicochemical Surface Properties on the Settlement of Biofouling Microorganisms
Interfacial Spectroscopy: In situ Approaches to Understand Sticky Contacts
Solid State Circular Dichroism of Insoluble Bioadhesive Films: Determining Protein Secondary Structure by Concentration Independent Analysis
Dissipative Microbalance (QCM-D) Studies of Interfacial Processes at the Nanoscale
Nanotechnology in the Environment: Safety by Design
Surface Functionalization of TiO2 Nanoparticles: Photo-stability and Reactive Oxygen Species (ROS) Generation
Environmental Effects on Nanoparticle Properties and Chemical Reactivity
Functionalized Ceria Nanoparticles – Influence of Coating Thickness and Density on Their Reactivity
Reduction of Plasma Induced Silicon-Recess During Gate Over-Etch Using Synchronous Pulsed Plasmas
Control of Si Damage in Dry Etch Beyond 22nm Technology Node
Structural and Electrical Characterization of HBr/O2 Plasma Damage to Si Substrate
FEOL Etch Challenges for 2x Technology Node and Beyond
Advanced Gate Patterning of Novel Multi-Gated Devices for 15nm Node and Beyond
Plasma Etching Challenges for Patterning Advanced Gate Stacks for 22nm Node and Beyond
High Selectivity SiN Etching with Low Damage by RLSA Microwave Plasma
Impact of Plasma and Annealing Treatments on 193nm Photoresist Line Width Roughness and Profile
High Current Diffuse Dielectric Barrier Discharge in Atmospheric Pressure Air for Thin Silica-Like Film Deposition
Microscale, Atmospheric-Pressure Plasmas for Nanomaterials Synthesis
Micro-discharge Plasma using Silicon Platform
Electron Current Extraction from rf Micro-Dielectric Barrier Discharges
Ignition and Extinction of a Micro Hollow Cathode Discharge Operating in DC Regime
Characterization and Applications of Three Different Configured Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Sources
Study of Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Jets: The Influences of Ambient Air and the Application on ZnO Thin Film Deposition
Atmospheric-Pressure Microplasma-Jet Modified Polystyrene Surfaces as Substrates for Epithelial Cell Growth
2010 AVS Peter Mark Award Lecture - High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering (HIPIMS) - Fundamentals and Applications
Influence of Plasma Conditions on the Properties of Hafnium and Titanium Films Deposited using HIPIMS
High Power Impulse Magnetron Sputtering for the Growth of Functional Amorphous and Nanocrystalline Films
New Development in Modulated Pulse Power Sputtering of Aluminum Oxide, Aluminum Nitride and Carbon Films
Reactive Modulated Pulse Power Magnetron Sputtering
Size and Shape of the Au/TiO2(110) Nanoparticles That Catalyze the Oxidation of CO
Formation and Thermal Stability of Platinum Oxides on Size-Selected Platinum Nanoparticles: Support Effects
Catalytic Reactivity of Mass Selected Nanoparticles
Optical Nanocalorimetric Measurements of Catalytic Light-Off Temperature and Catalytic Activity of Pd Nanoparticles-Size Dependent Effects
Photochemistry on Metal Nanoparticles: Comparison of Nanosecond and Femtosecond Laser Induced NO Photodesorption from NO Dimer Layers on Supported Ag Nanoparticles
H/D Exchange on Pd Nanoparticles: Effects of cis-2-butene Co-adsorption, and Implications for Isomerization and Hydrogenation of Alkenes over Pd
Cu/CuOx Nanoclusters on ZnO(1010): Electronic, Catalytic, Morphological Structure
Femtosecond-laser Photoemission of Deposited MoxSy Clusters on Al2O3/NiAl(110)
Formation of Homogeneous Rh Clusters on Al2O3 from [Rh(OAc)2]2 Precursor Elucidated by STM and XAFS Analyses
Epitaxy of Disilane on Si(100)-H using Scanning Tunneling Microscope-induced Hydrogen Depassivation Patterns
Stress Balance in Nanopatterned N/Cu(001) Surfaces
The Effect of Lattice Strain on Adatom Diffusion Barriers on Terraces and Step Edges
Long-range Self-ordered Ge Nanostressors on Silicon Nanomembranes
Atomic Layer Expitaxy of Ge on Si(100)-(2x1)
The Influence of Metal – Substrate Bonding Energetics on Metal Atom Adsorption, Cluster Nucleation and Film Growth
Growth of Ag on Ge(110) and Ge(111) Studied by LEEM
Growth of Au Islands and Thin Films on NiAl(110): STM Experiments and DFT - Based Analysis
Inorganic/Organic Interface Structure on ALD Modified Polymer Fibers
Molecular Layer Deposition of Hybrid Siloxane/Alumina Polymer Films
Quantum Chemical Simulations of ALD and MLD; Insights from Simulations
Nonaqueous Sol-Gel Chemistry in Atomic Layer Deposition
Combined Atomic Layer Deposition and Molecular Layer Deposition for Encapsulation of Electrospun Nylon Nanofibers
Structure and Properties of Ultra-High Molecular Weight PHEMA Synthesized Using Solvent-Free Initiated Chemical Vapor Deposition (iCVD)
Molecular Layer Deposition of Alucones Using Trimethylaluminum and Glycerol or Glycidol
Miniature Mass Spectrometers and Ambient Analysis by Mass Spectrometry
Accurate Determination of Molar Quantity for Gas in a Vacuum Chamber with Extreme Temperature Variations
Hydrocarbon Measurements at ppb Level at 10Pa Absolute Pressure
Ratiometric and Absolute Partial Pressure Measurements with Low Mass Range Mass Spectrometers
Solving the Low Mass Range Mass Spectrometer Limitations (Zero Blast) using Electrostatic Ion Traps
Ion Residence Times for Electron-Impact Ion Sources of Mass Spectrometers
Performance Characteristics of a New Wide Range, Fast Settling Electrometer Design for a Residual Gas Analysis Mass Spectrometer
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