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Session Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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ALD/ALE Process in Commercially Available Leading-Edge Logic and Memory Devices
Atomic Layer Deposited Crystalline Zinc Oxide for Silver-based Ultra-Steep Threshold Switching Selector
ALD Ge-Se-Te OTS Selectors with Controlled Composition for PCM Applications
Pulsed CVD of Amorphous GeSe for Application as OTS Selector
Thin Film Challenges in 3D NAND Scaling
The Journey of ALD High-k Metal Gate from Research to High Volume Manufacturing
Effects of Er Doping on Structural and Electrical Properties of HfO2 Grown by Atomic Layer Deposition.
Improvement of Electrical Performances of Atomic Layer Deposited ZrO2 MIM Capacitors with Ru Bottom Electrode
Perfecting ALD-Y2O3/GaAs(001) Interface with Ultra-High Vacuum Annealing
ALD and Etch Synergy to Enable the Next Scaling Innovations
On the Role of Individual Etching Components in Selective Atomic Layer Processing: Etch and Deposit to Obtain High Selectivity
Area-Selective Deposition of TiO2 on Various Surfaces by Isothermal Integration of Thermal TiO2 ALD and ALE
Limited Dose ALE and ALD Processes for Local Film Coatings on 3D Structures
Formation of Ohmic Contacts to Si using In-situ Chemical Cleaning of the Substrate
SADP Spacer Profile Engineering by Quasi-Atomic Layer Etching
Dynamic Temperature Control Enabled Atomic Layer Etching of Titanium Nitride
Rapid Thermal-Cyclic Atomic Layer Etching of Thin Films with Highly Selective, Self-Limiting, and Conformal Characteristics
Atomic Layer Etching of HfO2 with Selectivity to Si by Utilizing Material-Selective Deposition Phenomena
Enhancing Etch Selectivity in Plasma-Assisted ALE of Silicon-Based Dielectrics using Surface Functionalization
Impact of Operating Parameters on Precursor Separation in “Air Hockey” Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition Reactor
Plasma Enhanced Spatial ALD of Silver Thin Films at Atmospheric Pressure
Low Temperature Spatial PEALD of Silicon Nitride Films from Aminosilane Precursors and DC Direct Plasma
Development and Characterization of an Atmospheric Pressure Plasma Reactor Compatible with Open-Air Spatial ALD
Fast Plasma ALD Employing de Laval Nozzles for High Velocity Precursor Injection
Development of a Meter Scale ALD Optical Coating Tool for Astronomical Mirror (and other) Applications
From Wet-lab to Cleanroom: An Integrated ALD-CVD Process for the Large-area Deposition of Ultrathin Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Films
Molecular Layer Deposition of Titanicone Films using TiCl and Fumaric or Maleic Acid: Growth Mechanism and Ambient Stability
Temperature Dependent Surface Chemistry in Molecular Layer Deposition of Polyimide on Cu and Si
Integrated MLD Supercycle for the Direct Deposition of Zeolitic Imidazolate Framework Films
Understanding Molecular Layer Deposition Nucleation Mechanisms in Polyurea via Time Domain Thermoreflectance
Molecular Layer Deposition of Indicone Thin film using Indium Precursor and Hydroquinone
Air Stable Alucone Thin Film Deposited by Molecular Layer Deposition using Hetero Bifunctional Organic Reactant
Molecular Layer Deposition of “Magnesicone”, a Magnesium-based Hybrid Material, as a Matrix Material for Solid Composite Electrolytes
Molecular Layer Deposition of Polyamide Films on Particles Using a Rotating Cylinder Reactor
Vapor Phase Infiltration: A Route for Making Insulating Polymer Fibers Conductive
Vapor Phase Infiltration of Metal Oxides into Microporous Polymers for Organic Solvent Separation Membranes
ZnO-Infiltrated Hybrid Polymer Thin Films with Enhanced Gravimetric Water and Oxygen Vapor Sensing Properties
Physically Interpenetrated Organic-Inorganic Sub-Surface Layers Created via Vapor Phase Infiltration for Improved Film Adhesion
Inorganic-Organic Thin Film Layer-Structures and Thermal Conductivity
Atomic Layer Epitaxy of Zinc Oxide on C-plane Sapphire from Diethylzinc and Water using Pulsed-Heating Atomic Layer Deposition
Growth of AlN Barriers in Al/AlN/Al SIS Josephson Junctions by Low Temperature Atomic Layer Epitaxy
Investigating Plasma Parameters and Influence of Argon to the Crystallinity of GaN Films Grown by Plasma-Assisted ALD
Ultrathin GaN Epilayer by Low-temperature Atomic Layer Annealing and Epitaxy
High Quality ALD Formation of Group-III Nitrides and their Applications in FTO-based Thin Film Solar Cells
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