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Session Tuesday, July 31, 2018
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Using ALD to Engineer Metal/Insulator/Metal Devices
Impact of Metal Nanocrystal Size and Distribution on Resistive Switching Parameters of Oxide-based Resistive Random Access Memories by Atomic Layer Deposition
Epitaxial Electronic Materials by Atomic Layer Deposition
Scaling Ferroelectric Hf0.5Zr0.5O2 for Back -end of Line Integration
Atomic Layer Deposition Processes for Logic Device Applications
Effect of ZrO2 Capping-layer on Ferroelectricity of HfxZr1−xO2 Thin Films by ALD using Hf/Zr Cocktail Precursor
Efficient Photoelectrochemical H2 Generation using Molybdenum Disulfide Film on Black Si Photocathode via Wafer-scale Atomic Layer Deposition
Junction Interface Passivation by ALD in CIGS Solar Cells
Spatial Atomic Layer Deposition: Up-scalable Route of Metal Oxide Functional Layers for High Efficient and Stable Perovskite Solar Cells and Modules
Applications of Atomic Layer Deposition in Solar Energy Conversion
Inorganic Charge Transport Layers Grown via Atomic Layer Deposition for Highly Stable and Efficient Perovskite Solar Cell
Atomic Layer Deposition of Yttrium Oxide from Bis(Methylcyclopentadienyl) (MethylPentyl Pyrazolato) Yttrium (III)
Low-temperature Thermal ALD of SiO2 – Increasing the Possibilities
Non-pyrophoric Aluminum Precursor for Thermal Atomic Layer Deposition of Al2O3 Thin Films
Study on ALD Carbide Chemistry Approach for Rhenium
Development of Advanced Precursors for Deposition of Cobalt Films
Diamine Adduct of Cobalt(II) Chloride for ALD of Stoichiometric Cobalt(II) Oxide and Reduction Thereof to Cobalt Metal Thin Films
Development New Metal Precursors for Atomic Layer Deposition at KRICT
Surface Chemistry during Atomic Layer Deposition of Nickel Sulfide
Exchange Reactions during Atomic Layer Deposition: ZnO Conversion to Al2O3 by Trimethylaluminum
Elucidation of the Mechanisms of Nickel (II) and Iron (III) Oxide Films Grown with Ozone by Atomic Layer Deposition
Reaction Mechanisms of the Atomic Layer Deposition of Indium Oxide Thin Films Using Ethylcyclopentadienyl Indium
Reaction Mechanisms of Halogenated Silanes on N-rich Surfaces during Atomic Layer Deposition of Silicon Nitride
Fluorocarbon-based Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Dioxide in Conventional Plasma Tools
Damaged Layer Control for Atomic Level Processes
Selective Thermal Cyclic ALE of Lanthanum Oxide via Formation and Desorption of Organo-lanthanum Complex
Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon Using an Oxidation and “Conversion-Etch” Mechanism
Rapid Atomic Layer Etching of Al2O3 using Sequential Exposures of Hydrogen Fluoride and Trimethylaluminum with No Purging
Self-limiting Thermal Atomic Layer Etching of Tungsten Metal Using O2 Oxidation and WCl6 or WF6: Role of Halogen Species in Temperature Dependence of ALE Reaction Rate
Modifying Thermal HF-based ALE Methods via Secondary Interactions with Alkali Compounds
The Role of Modelling in Understanding and Designing Processes for Thermal Atomic Layer Etch
Physical Damage Analysis of Atomic Layer Etching of Silicon using Molecular Dynamic Simulations
Dimer Products from Ligand-Exchange Reactions During Thermal Atomic Layer Etching
Molecular Dynamics Simulation of SiO2 Atomic-layer Etching (ALE) by Fluorocarbon and Argon Plasmas
Selective Area Deposition of BN using Electron Enhanced ALD
Reactive Monolayers for use in Area Selective Atomic Layer Deposition
Area-selective Atomic Layer Deposition using Si Precursor Inhibitors
In situ and ex situ Monitoring and Metrology for the Development of a Selective Deposition Process
Area-Selective Atomic Layer Deposition of TiN, TiO2, and HfO2 on Si3N4 in Sub-50 Nanometer Si3N4/Amorphous Carbon Structures
Toward Area Selective ALD on Metal/Dielectric Patterns: Comparison of Cu, Co, W and Ru
Advanced Cycles for Area-selective Atomic Layer Deposition
The Precise Tailoring of Catalyst Interface by Atomic Layer Deposition
Improving the Anti-sintering Ability of Au/TiO2 Catalysts by Constructing Semi-embedded Structure via Selective Atomic Layer Deposition
Tuning of Boron Nitride Nanotubes, Nanopores and Nanoporous Membranes by ALD
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